Add-ons to make you win

People often ask me why I’m so awesome. The truth is that I’m not technically human, I’m more of a demigod.
However for you mere  mortal i can dispense the suggestion of the following add-ons which I use


Check Mods

  • Firstly the borders at the top and the bottom of the screen are done with SunnArt . This creates a nice frame for you to dump your instruments of destruction or preservation on. You may also want to get the art packs which give you more textures to choose from. Best of all this add-on is extremely easy to use.
  • Xperl unit frames Marked as 1 strike a nice balance between ease of use and features, for example in this picture. I can see only see buffs I can cast and those which are key to the fight, it also shows me who is out of healing range, as demonstrated by Genesis.
  • My action bar mod of choice marked as 2 is Dominos which is nice and easy to set up and is also highly customisable as long as you want things in straight lines or blocks.
  • The block marked as 3 is Buffwatch , this shows all the which buffs I have on the raid members. If a Mage dies due to no fault of my own the buffs they are missing will show up in red, i can then click on the red buff to recast it.


  • When I’m stopping everyone from dying a few other things come in to play, I will assume everyone knows DBM.
  • I use the cast bar from Dominos (1), I have used others in the past that also tag on your latency however I’ve never seen the benefit from it.
  • Long time friend decursive (2) is probably a must have for any healer, the boxes light up whenever there is something that can be removed. You then just play left or right hand mouse button wack a mole.
  • My multi meter of choice is Skada (3) . During fights you can set it to work as a threat meter then after the fight you can recall any other type of Damage or Healing data you need. It is a perfect cross between Omen and Recount.
  • Although not really needed I’m also quite fond of Tipsy (4) . This lets you move around and standardise the location of tool tips. In this case it always comes up out-of-the-way in the gap between Skada and Buffwatch. You can also configure it to aways show next to the mouse pointer however I often find this gets in the way.

Now that have some basic tips from myself you should be on your way to becoming as infallible as me.



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