Waiting Game

I have enjoyed waiting for the Pandora, in this day and age of instant digital content waiting for something is a rare.

These days technology updates and becomes so reduntant so rapidly it seems odd that I would be enjoying something that is now out of date. The specs at the time of its conception were high and forward looking so they aren’t bad by today’s standards being similar to an iPhone 3GS. The iPhone is about to have an upgrade so does that mean the Pandora is now behind them times? I think not , there isn’t anything out there at the moment that does all the functions of the Pandora in one unit.

The Pandora is something of oddity in the world today, it is barn engineering (technically its old town hall engineering) by a community team. A small collection of community members decided they wanted to make a product without the short comings of the GP32 and GP2X systems, they had the technical, sales and distribution knowledge so what could go wrong? Well lots of things it turned out, although the design was completely very quickly actually making it become reality was a bit more or a problem.

Well for the time being I’m going back to watching my inbox


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