I’ve started so I’ll finish

Squirrel!Are games these days too long or is my attention span too short? I often feel like perhaps games are better in my head than they are real life, either that or they loose there excitement value too quickly.

I’ve long blamed my lack of completing most of my games on my old friend World of Warcraft, however as I’ve recently more or less put it on hold for the time being I haven’t made a massive amount of progress with my back catalogue.

Games are usually very long these days, Most seem to be around the 30 hour mark, is this really needed?

My thinking is that given the massive expensive of creating games the industry feels it needs to make games good value for money. They may cost you £40 but they give you more entertainment for your money than say a film.

One of the best games of the last yew years has been Portal, which is probably also extremely short only being a few hours long. It trained you up, gave you final change and that was it. Coupled with that was also the great story, characters and humour which were a surprise all the way through. It didn’t have any padding and it didn’t need it, you could complete it in one sitting and come away knowing it was great.

Generally I feel games often have a lot of padding to lengthen the game which doesn’t really benefit the player.


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