There is no I in team, but there is ME

So how is my is few days back in world of warcraft going? I’m fed up with it and have remembered why exactly dislike it so much at the moment.

There can be only one

Dungeons were once group activities, you worked as part of a team to solve the problems layed before you. It was more than just a case of people using crowd control, it was about teamwork and respect. Somewhere along the road this has changed, i suspect party in 3.0 when the dungeon mechanics were laid out and again in 3.3 with the introduction of the dungeon finder tool.

Now we have tasks that require no co-ordination, with people that have anonymity and get rewarded you for finishing as quickly as possible:

  • Team tactics are never needed, there is no reason to act as a team. You are playing a single player game that happens to have other people in it
  • As people are randomly thrown together from several servers they act exactly like their actions have no consequences.
  • Why would you want to keep in a group that isn’t rushing at full speed when it could mean you are missing out on emblems?

I think World of Warcraft suffers from the same problem as many other games at the moment. They have been over analysed and had too many enhancements that looks and sound good on paper but have knock on consequences elsewhere. Yes you can find groups easily, perhaps too easily. People are effectively spoilt by the ease and throw away nature of it.


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