Bigger is better

After finally filling up the standard 60GB hard drive in i decided to change hard drive. Although it didn’t go quite to plan I do have to say it was fairly painless.

So what will you need to change the hard drive in an original fat PS3?
– New 2.5″ Sata Hard Drive
– Small phillips screwdriver
– USB Hard Drive for your backup
– Mini USB to plug in your controller
– Internet connection
– Coffee and a Muffin
– Some where to have a nap

So now that you have gathered the bits and bobs first thing you need to do is back up your current playstation hard drive. To do this you will need to get your USB hard drive and format it with the FAT32 file system. Unfortunately  modern windows operating systems don’t let you format drives over 32GB with FAT32. So to format it you can either use a 3rd party utility or Plug it in to a linux system you happen to have lying around……which i did.

Now that your drive is freshly prepared you can plug it in to your PS3 and it will be recognised . First thing you should do if you haven’t already is sync you trophies on line. After that on the main PS3 menu go to Settings > System Settings > Backup Utility and select your USB hard drive. At this point the system will start doing its thing and so should you, my 60GB HDD took about 2 hours to back up.

When you wake up from your nap take the USB hard drive with your backup on over to your computer and plug it in. Head over to the Playstation 3 firmware page and download a copy of the latest firmware. You want to copy this to store this on your USB Hard Drive in the #:\PS3\UPDATE . You will probably have to create this folder your self, make sure you do it in CAPS!

After that is done you can then power off your PS3. Pull it out of whatever dusty hole you have it tucked in to and prize the hard hard drive cover off, this should be on the left hand narrow end as you look at the front of the system. Grab your screwdriver and remove the screw holding the caddy in, you then pull the existing hard drive out. Depending on your model it either comes straight you or slides to the side first. Take out the four remaining screws, remove the drive from the caddy and place in your new one. Put the 4 screws back in, place it back in the PS3, put the retaining screw back in and finally pop the cover back on.

Plug in your USB hard drive, plug in your PS3 controller with the mini USB cable and turn on your PS3. After it splatters in to life you will need to press the PS button on your controller then hold Start & Select. It should then format the new HDD and pull the 3.5 firmware from your USB Hard Drive, this seems to be a security feature added in 3.5 to stop hacks.

After you have finished your coffee and a muffin you should come back to find your PS3 in an Out of the Box setup mode. Follow the setup and eventually you should get back to the main menu.

Go back to Settings > System Settings > Backup Utility and select restore from your hard drive. It should then take another couple of hours to restore the backup. I should point out that i did have an issue here with a USB hard drive which was going in to power saving mode when the system restarted, if you have this problem just copy the backup on to another USB Hard Drive.

Once the restore has completed the system should look and feels just like it did before you changed the hard drive including settings, themes etc.


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