An owed to WOTLK: Being the player not the class

One of the big changes for Wrath of the Lich king was the mantra “Bring the player not the class”. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of moaning and groaning about it homogenising the game but is that really the case?

There was a current driving the force for end game raiding during the burning crusade and that was buffs. Buffs could make or break groups, some bosses required certain buffs and without them they weren’t possible. Shaman’s would be brought in to chain their haste boosts, paladins would be told to buff then GTFO and shadow priests would be slotted in to groups with healers to make their mana bars last longer. On the flip side group tasks that required certain skills like crowd control would lead people to shunning those classes that couldn’t do that ability.

So the mantra was born and gave birth to the idea that no one class should have a monopoly on buffs. Over the course of the expansion the buffs and debuffs have been shared around so that everything is available from at least 3 sources in different forms.

Many people have said this is bad as it is homogenising the classes. I can see where they are coming from but really I just see them homogenising the buffs. Classes and specs have never been more unique to play. You can tell by looking at a character what spec they are out of 30 specs in the game. They all have their own flavour, buffs just don’t factor in to that flavour anymore.

I can now choose which class i like and which spec i like and be able to play the game well. This was the goal and the have achieved it and for that I’m thankful.


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