Mind Spike I Like!

It didn’t take long for me to swap a spec over to shadow. As i hit 81 and paid a visit to my local trainer I picked up the new mind spike ability. I wasn’t expecting much from this, it removes DOTs. Thats horrible for shadow priests right? Wrong

After swapping a spec over to shadow to check it out i got to grips with its intended use. Typically DOTs are wasted on trash and leveling mobs as they die to quickly. In steps mind spike, it does a nice bit of damage, reduces the cast time of mind blast and increases the crit chance of mind blast. These effects stack 3 times, this leaves with you a mind blast which is instant with a +90% crit chance.

So shadow priests effectively have two modes of attack, DOTs for long fights and Direct Damage for short fights. This simple spell has made a big difference and is a welcome addition.

Next stop Inner Will


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