Does Android curb your Hardware upgrading?

It has been over a year now since i received my HTC Hero handset. Usually around this time i would be itching to get my hands on the latest upgrade. This year however I’m not chomping at the bit quite as much to move on, why exactly is that? I simply have very little reason to upgrade. I’ve long had a dislike for Apple’s ability to churn out and sell their yearly iPhone upgrades which lack features of their competitors but I’m starting to see method in their madness.

I love Android, its open and forthcoming with updates. I’m currently sporting the Elelinux Froyo 2.2 Special Edition on my  Hero which is great and a slot smoother than the stock HTC Sense 1.5. The problem is that i have taken away half of the reasons for upgrading, I already have all of the additional software features and will have all of the features of 2.3 when that is on general release.
Now you might be thinking Apple also do iOS upgrades for their older handsets so what is the difference? Thats correct you can for example upgrade a 3GS to iOS4 however it doesn’t have all the features and often performance drops. In short Apple do make clear jumps in terms of Software upgrades between iPhone generations even if it is artificial.
We we are left with Hardware upgrades as the big means to push the upgrading path along. I love specs as much as the next geek but how I’m finding it difficult to get excited enough to jump to the Nexus S for example. The specs are roughly double by Hero but in the real world would i really see that much better?


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