Holiday Hardware Hiccups

Too much spare time over the last couple of weeks caused me to buy parts for a new computer. To get the best prices I shopped around and bought from 3 different suppliers: Ebuyer, and Scan. had previously be problematic when I had dealt with them a few years ago. Now however they are under new management. I ordered items from the on a bank holiday and they arrived the next morning at 9:30 am . WITCHCAFT . Overclockers get a big thumbs up and so do DPD who actually deliver packages on time.

Scan delayed the order by a day due to a case going out of stock, I cancelled the case and reordered a similar one it from Overclockers who then delivered it the next day. Thumbs up Overclockers and DPD again.

Ebuyer ,well they dispatched a box which arrived the next day. Unfortunately one week later I’m now going to have to pick up the other box from City Link. They did at least refund me the delivery cost although I expect I’m going to have a few pound on my phone bill from calling City Link terrible customer support who had their system switched off most of last week.

Oh and if you buy an SSD don’t forget to by a 2.5″ to 3.5″ drive adaptor so that you can mount it


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