Cataclysm in 3D Vision

Planting 3D vision glasses on your face for World of Warcraft is a worthwhile experience. When you fire up the game you will have a couple of extra settings in the Advanced Graphics section in addition to the depth modifier built in to 3D vision.  The two sliders can be adjusted on the fly to fine tune and will probably need to be altered on a user basis to account for taste and eyes.

Once you get it to good spot however, WOW. There is a supurb “model village” effect, all of the models look simply amazing and it really adds a sense of scale to the enemies you face.

All the model, world geometry and spell details work perfectly. The models and the art style come alive with an extra level of detail that as apparent when you view in 3D. Things like floating crystals around weapons become more prnounced when they have depth, in fact many models look different due to their newly imbued chubbiness. Mounts in particular look a lot grander and bolder.

There are several quirks like the interaction between the clouds and skybox which looks like it is being rendered closer that it should be. Also directx 11 mode currently appears to remove the extra 3D options from the game leaving you with just the 3D vision depth slide to play with which removes a lot of the graphical improvements. I suppose i can’t hold it against them too much as it is only their for testing at the moment.  The mouse cursor also takes some getting used to, you effectly have to refocus your eyes to look at the cursor as it sits on the UI level.

The only major graphical problem is the new fluid water which seems to render the edges twice with a small gap between them. This spoils the experience so I would recommend setting the water to either the old animated water or the lowest setting for the new water which renders it as a opaque liquid.

In all the game has some minor flaws when presented in 3D. It does however give you an extremely beautiful and flexible world which feels richer and more alive. This makes me believe 3D has a place in gaming.


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