Xperia Playdate?

I can’t say I use my PSPGo much, it is never on hand when i need it and i don’t want to tow it around constantly. I’m starting to warm to the idea of a phone being a gaming device that can play with the big boys. Given the rise in power of ARM and mobile graphics there isnt much in the way of a power difference between the two. In fact the two upcoming consoles from Nintendo and Sony both use ARM, the raw guts are not bespoke like they once were.

Up until now handheld consoles were they only way of getting of enjoying games on the move unless you had a unhealthy love of snake. With this barrier now all but evaporated is there any point in creating the handheld console as we know it today? The Xperia Play, the first in a range of phone handsets featuring Playstation Suite.

My biggest reservation about this isn’t the hardware or the playstation suite, It is Sony Ericsson themselves. They have managed to create quite a reputation for themselves for bad customer support, no official firmware updates but they still encrypt the bootloader to stop people updating the OS themselves.

So where does this leave me? Until Sony Ericsson change their ways and realise that selling Android phones comes with the responsibly of regular updates they won’t be getting any money from me.

Playstation Suite will be downloadable on any handset which run 2.3 Gingerbread or above which leaves me feeling I’m best off waiting for something to come out of the HTC camp. Even if they don’t bring out a handset with gaming controls Playstation Suite will use touch screen buttons instead.


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