What is this mess HP?

The latest generation of small business desktops we have had through our workshop are awful. I have had my differences with HP in the past but this really is the final straw.

The Hardware is itself is fine, no complaints here, you get what you pay for. What Isn’t fine is the huge amount of shovelware that comes on the machine by default, some of which have broken installers. Then to add salt to the wound they removed the some of the standard fonts so that most text is italic by default.

The best solution to this is just to wipe the machine clean, thanks for that added value admin overhead right there HP. Lets take a look at the list of exciting software that comes pre-installed:

This is a plugin for outlook that enables you to do “lightning fast searches”. Guess what, Outlook 2010 already includes indexed searches that integrate with Windows 7. All this is doing is taking up a good chunk of screen space and performance. Worse than that, more often than not the built in uninstaller doesn’t actually remove it so you have to use a product like Revo Uninstaller to do it. Thanks HP

A collaboration platform. Luckily this is just a shortcut so you can huddle it directly in to the recycle bin. Thanks HP

Ebook Reader. We want people to work at work not to read books at work. The fact that it is an anagram of book makes me hate it even more. Uninstall. Thanks HP

Press Reader
Another Ebook Reader. This one specialises in newspapers. We want people to do their work not read page 3 of The Sun. Uninstall. Thanks HP

Zinio Reader
Yet another Ebook Reader. This one apparently is good for magazines like national geographic. We want people to do their work not look at Honey Badgers. Uninstall. Thanks HP

Wild Tangent
My mind boggles why this is on Business workstations, it even comes with over a dozens of games. I like Peggle as much as the next man but come this is just giving people a reason to slack. Uninstall and tick a check box for every game when you uninstall it. Thanks HP

PDF Complete Special Edition
Used for creating PDFs, that sounds ok doesn’t it? The Special Edition however does a watermark on all of the PDFs you create with it. Yeah that’s useful. Thanks HP

HP Advisor Dock
Dispite licensing the technology from Stardock this is a oversized pain in the arse. At best this tells you information that is already available to you in another form. Uninstall. Thanks HP

HP Protect Tools
A suite of tools for protecting. Mostly it just hangs around on your desktop making you despise it.

Missing Fonts
if everything is in italics it looks stylish doesn’t it? Well some %$£& at HP decided it did and so removed the regular versions of Arial and Verdana from the built-in windows fonts. By doing this it forces a lot of programs to go slanty. The major problem with this is that quite a few programs call on these, for example if you try to do a report from Sage Accounts it will try to call up Verdana Regular. As the font has been removed for the crimes it has committed against style the reports will fail. Copy the correct font files from another PC. Thanks HP



  1. Barrington Hogwhistle · March 1, 2011

    but my honey badgers!

    • nuronv · March 2, 2011

      The Honey Badger doesn’t like you, he will take your ice cream.

      • Laurelinde · March 3, 2011

        I laughed out loud at this. ^^

        The only thing I could think of for the e-readers would be for someone in a job that required a certain amount of looking at e.g. academic paper. Saying that, I don’t know that Skynet* utilise e-readers so even that may not be of use.

        *There is an organisation that stores a lot of academic papers which, at least when I was at uni, you could use to request papers you wanted to read. Unfortunately I have completely blanked on the actual name of it, which was something non-intuitive like ‘Memsted’, so I’m calling it Skynet instead.

  2. Adam · April 4, 2011

    Note that PressReader has completely ruined my display. Tried every fix I could find online. My workstation is stuck with eight point italicized font in EVERY program that uses Windows default font. Thanks for making my brand new computer USELESS.

    • nuronv · April 5, 2011

      If you haven’t already see if you can copy over the Arial and Verdana from another computer and replace the onces you have in your C:\Windows\Fonts folder.

      Thankfully I’ve stopped seeing this on new computers now but I may have just been lucky

  3. roberto · June 29, 2011

    I updated Firefox a couple of days ago and found that the fonts were bold or italic. I thought it was a Firefox problem. Reinstalled Arial which fixed the problem temporarily, but it kept re-occurring. I finally discovered it was because of PressReader, which I reinstalled, then reinstalled Arial and now I’m back to normal. Since I do web design, I thought I was nearly out of business. Thanks HP indeed.

  4. richard stevens · July 4, 2011

    I’ve had similar problems with fonts, my own suspicion is that uninstalling the crappy pdf reader takes out some of the default windows fonts.

  5. It is, in fact, uninstalling pressreader that FUBARs fonts.

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