War, it’s super

What a volatile place the world is. In the space of a week we’ve seen Japan grind to a halt and most of the world calling time on Gaddafi.

Watching japan suffer is quite painful for me. I’ve been there, seen how polite and well mannered everyone is. It seems like a sweeping statement to talk about a whole country’s people like that but with Japan its really true. There social background means they never say boo to a goose, they bow at it instead.
After the disaster occurred the internet managed to stir up the usual sack of idiots who decided that it was vengeance for Pearl Harbour. Sadly these cretins weren’t joking, but I will humour them anyway. If some vengeance was needed for the pre-emptive strike on pearl harbour I’m sure roughly 200,000 innocent people who were killed with atomic weapons were more than enough. If you think your God is playing on your side against the Japanese you really are a cold-hearted husk of a human.

Libya is a bit more of a mixed bag, be it a bag of nuts. So we have a civil war where the state is seemingly “removing” the those causing a problem. We now have the UN trying to stop the state whenever it does so, or at least this is what we are told. We are played the story of the underdog rising up against the evil overload but it can quiet easily also viewed as a rebel group of terrorists trying overthrow the government, and we are on the side of the terrorists. It’s all a matter of perspective, not that I’m siding with Gaddafi on this one. If your people ask you to step down and you don’t what else can you expect, that said how many people do you need to oppose him as ruler before is justified to take action? These things are never as black and white as they would seem.


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